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We have belonged to this initiative in Europe for ecological camping since 2011. Through Ecocamping, we stay up-to-date regarding sustainability and how it pertains to campgrounds. The team focuses on sustainable ideas and products and as a part of the Ecocamping network, we compare consumption data and experiences.  

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This distinction designates products and services and describes the environmental friendliness of the brand. Since sustainability is an issue very close to our heart, we are even more delighted that we have met the criteria for the Austrian Ecolabel and have received this distinction for our campgrounds and apartment-hotel. 

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The initiative created by the Austrian environmental department supports service providers using renewable energy sources. The primary goal is to reduce carbon emissions. We achieve this with our sustainable heating system as well as our photovoltaic system, which meets our basic electricity needs. 

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The European Ecolabel - a standard label that distinguishes especially environmentally-friendly service providers. The specified criteria are regularly reviewed by a commission. If the criteria are fulfilled, the business is distinguished with the Ecolabel. We work on making continual improvements in quality. 

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Little Travel Society

The Little Travel Society team is in search of vacation destinations that are especially well-suited for families and tests them out. The team then writes down their experiences as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the accommodation on their website. We are pleased to be represented by Little Travel Society.

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Climate Partner

We offer climate-neutral accommodations upon request. You can offset the carbon emissions of your stay and support the climate protection project. You will receive a certificate as proof. By entering your ID number at www.climatepartner.com, you can track your CO2-reducing efforts. You will thus make a concrete contribution to climate protection and sustainable development. 
We don't see this as greenwashing but as supporting an environmental project.


Dutch camping club 


After the yearly inspection by ADAC employees, we have received our current classification and are delighted to have gotten 5 stars! 

Beyond Camping

BeyondCamping reports on the passion and decades of experience in the camping and outdoor sector. more info.

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