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Camping Apartments


Quality, regionality, energy savings, value stability and functionality: For us, that’s what sustainability is all about. And that is what has been important to us since we took over the business in 1995! In fact, it has driven us, since we are never quite satisfied with things as they are, and we are always thinking of improvements we can make in every aspect of all we do. So it was with our first new building project, a wood-frame, low-energy structure, that we assumed a trailblazing role: high rooms, natural light to the greatest extent possible ... we still take great joy out of that building even to this day.


  • Meets heating needs for 5,500 m²
  • Water in the outdoor swimming pool at 25°C (May through September)
  • 170 m³ water for the indoor pool with a 31°C water temperature (year-round)


  • 400 m² photo-voltaic cells
  • 450 m² solar plant
  • 450 kW pellet heating - (pellets supplied by a wood-processing plant in Fügen)
  • 100 kW from log heating – we only burn wood from our own grounds
  • Gas heating for emergency purposes
  • Heat-recovery system for all ventilation equipment
  • 16 heat meters for all of the different areas
  • Sophisticated regulating system with energy bookkeeping
  • Energy-efficiency pumps, 28.000 l buffer reservoir, 10.000 l warm-water boiler
  • Exclusive use of LEDs and energy-saving bulbs


  • Water consumption/year – ca. 8,500 m³ = 127 l/person/night
  • Electricity/year – ca. 248,000 kW/h = 3.8 kW/h/person/night
  • Liquefied gas to 2014 = ca. 55 tons/year
  • Pellet heating since October 2014 – annual consumption ca. 60 tons
  • Residual waste – 20 tons/year


  • Near-natural planting with a variety of generally native plants, including 2700 running meters of hedging
  • A "bee meadow" on the roof provided by 20 m² of available rooftop green space
  • Carefully used, organically degradable cleaning products
  • "Wheelbarrow" instead of front-loader as often as possible
  • Those many "small" things our employees do every day in order to save resources as they work


Animals, too, feel right at home here with us: In addition to the countless small, colorful birds, for a number of years now red kites have been nesting in the forest above our holiday resort. With a wingspan of 150 cm, they are among the biggest birds of prey in the Alpine world – and you will get to enjoy the daily flight show they put on, too!


Naturally, it was important for us to receive the Austrian Eco Seal and the European ECO Label. We have also belonged to the Eco-Campground Group since 2005. In December 2014, we were presented the klimaaktivaward by the Ministry of Life and as such are happy to provide our operating numbers.

2015 - klimaaktiv partner

2014 - Austrian klimaaktiv Prize, the only tourism-business recipient   

2011 - Austria Eco Seal and EU Ecolabel

2005 - Named an "Eco Campground"   

2000 - Tyrol Sustainability Prize