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Karin & Alois Hell

Born and raised in Tyrol, we feel very closely connected to our homeland - without losing sight of everything else in the world. In all circumstances, we treasure and protect nature. As your hosts, we see this as our responsibility. When we took over the business in 1996 as the 3rd generation during a time when environmental awareness wasn't considered cool, our top priority was environmental protection. 

Karin & Alois Hell - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel

Hosts with a green thumb

Awareness is not merely an empty, fashionable idea but an approach that we demonstrate to our guests and employees. We exemplify this philosophy with our close, friendly relationships and heartfelt encounters as well as the lively and honest atmosphere at Natürlich HELL, where we emphasize fun in addition to our ecological approach. 

Karin & Alois Hell - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel

Our team

We highly value our well-coordinated team of dedicated and friendly employees who add to the character and personal atmosphere at Natürlich HELL. We all share a love for nature and have many insider tips for hiking excursions just for you. 

Domenique - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Reception

Keeps an eye on everything in our office and happily lends an ear to anyone. Wind and rain don't bother her at all, because she loves to spend her free time outside in the nature.


Team Allrounder

Paul, also known as "Junior", keeps track of the breakfast and the shop. Even when the #teamreception needs support, Paul is always there to help. In his free time, you can find Paul on the soccer field in Uderns, where the passionate pizza chef is an active midfielder.

Sabine - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Reception

Is our whirlwind at the reception desk. She makes everyone laugh. She loves nice things and always has a special shopping tip for you on hand. 

Mona - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Reception

Is proof that sports can truly make you happy. Mona will always take good care of you at our reception desk and is also responsible for our homepage as well as social media.

Elias - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Reception

The football player always welcomes you with a smile. When he's not working in the reception, Elias can be found on the show stage, because he's also an entertainer on the side.


Team Reception

When our Paula is not surfing on the beaches of Bali, you can find her now at our reception too. On her days off, Paula can be found on the mountain, because our youngest team member likes to move outside in the fresh air.

Ivo - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Outside

As a man of many trades, this friendly family man is always ready to help when skilled craftsmanship is needed.   

Peter - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Outside

The early riser always prepares his family breakfast and school snacks before he comes to work. He keeps the campsite in good shape inside and outside and knows how to help himself in any situation.

Karola - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Cleaning

Has been the soul of our house for 10 years. She is always in a good mood and always keeps cool in stressful situations.  

Juliane - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Cleaning

She starts every day in a good mood and full of energy. Her Zillertaler dialect is sometimes hard to understand - even for us.

Agota - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Cleaning

Agota forms the Team Cleaning trio together with Karola and Juliane. She always starts her day at 7.30 a.m. with a smile on her face.

Zsanet - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Breakfast

This animal-lover cares deeply about her four-legged child Toni. 

Margreth - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Shop

Our kind soul in the shop has many hidden talents. She decorates, helps with breakfast and also has a green thumb for the garden.

Heidi - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel


Team Shop

'Always stay optimistic' is the motto of our cheerful nature. Heidi whirls back and forth between the shop and breakfast in a good mood.

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