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Hells Sauna

Relax, find your inner peace and simply feel safe - treat yourself to a break after an eventful day in the mountains, enjoy the comfortably warm warmth of the individual saunas and recharge your batteries in our 350 m² spa area.

The sauna is only for adults (16 and older)

opening hours:
Summer - daily from 16:00 to 20:30
Winter - daily from 14:00 to 20:30

Sauna - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel

Relaxation room with a view of the Zillertal Alps

After drying off, cooling down, and wrapping yourself in a warm bathrobe, you can enjoy dolce far niente with a view of the Alpine scenery. Enjoy pure relaxation while unwinding between sauna sessions. 

Wellness - Natürlich HELL Camping & Aparthotel

Cold water grotto

Pure refreshment with dousing showers, bucket showers, and rain showers - afterwards you will feel as good as new. After a sauna session, we recommend cooling off in the fresh air then applying cold water to the feet and arms first before taking a cold shower.


Gently sweating with 40 % humidity, a temperature of
55 °C, and the refreshing fragrance of peppermint - the sanarium is an ideal way to stimulate your circulation before your sauna session or bring your sauna experience to a harmonious end.  

Steam bath

With temperatures around 45 °C and 100 % humidity, the steam bath is an especially gentle sauna variation. The fragrance of eucalyptus provides for healthy inhalation and intense ski care. 

Heated bench

This is a magical place in our spa area - treat yourself to a time-out while sitting by the fireplace and enjoying the warmth of the bench. 

Finnish sauna

The classic – work up a healthy sweat with a temperature of 85 °C. With alternating high temperatures in the sauna cabin followed by a cool-down, circulation is stimulated, waste products are removed, and the immune system is strengthened. 

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